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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
My soils vary greatly from sandy to clay/rock. I have been on a granular only program due to limited time and have had good success with choosing higher quality products. I am considering a liquid or hybrid program for customers who desire the ultimate and are willing to pay. Almost all of my soils are acidic and suggest a N to K equal ratio except for bermuda naturally needs more N. What general guidelines can you give?

On another subject what do you do differently fert/herb wise to grass that grows in heavy shade?
Don't dismiss the value of high amounts of K added to bermuda, particularly the hybrids. Yes, bermuda needs lots of N, but K is a key factor in disease supression by having elongated root growth and increased vascular strength of the plant.

That sure paid dividends this year where we've only received 9" of rain ALL YEAR . . . and half of that rain came in January and October 8. We went from June 22 to October 8 without ANY rain. That's right, zero. Meanwhile, we had 90 days with temps over 100.

By August most other lawns had long since lapsed into "drought dormancy", but my customers were still green and actively growing despite tight irrigation restrictions. Years of 1-0-1 ratio ferts made all the difference.
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