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I am also a NOFA graduate and while there asked Chip Osborne while in class to tell me how pre-emergents hurt people,pets or the environment. He couldn't answer it and slipped to talking about 2-4D which is a post emerge. I have asked the same question on this forum I would think because I ask all the organic heads I can.
But I would say don't throw out the baby with the bath water. I will be going on my 4 th year without synthetic fertilizers or chemicals on my lawn & shrubs,even no pre-emerges and my T-10 bermuda,meyers,palisade and calvalier zoysias and tall fescue are top notch. (That's right have all the above turf types). For pre-emerge I use corn glutton. My mistake is I used the new liquid last year and 92 yr.old granny had to pick some crabgrass. I always have crabgrass but less each year with the exception of using the liquid.I would stick with the granular. I use cotton burr compost spread with the Earth & Turf Sp 100 which by the way is so much better than the other "top selling" blue machine. My Sp 100 spreads easily cotton burr which is at least 30 % moisture content. I have a number of other organic/natural products I use.
Conclusion : organic is not practical for business because corn glutton is too expensive and has too many requirements to make it work effectively such as timing,watering.
Chemicals are not something to be dispised when properly applied. The EPA makes sure they are safe enough for the public if rightly applied. I think it is incredible that weeds can be ridden and not hurt the grass. What a business. Go ahead and fight with organics. Because of the curse man will always be sweating to deal with weeds.

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