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Originally Posted by Glenn Lawn Care View Post
If you were to call another LCO and ask advice on estimating, you will get laughed at. I had an old friend ask me the same thing last year and I you will have to find out for youself like every other LCO.
Maybe I'm wrong but I wouldn't suggest this!
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Well that's you, most guys i work around would and were more than happy to help me in their own small way, but in 10 minutes talking to you, i'd have learned all your secrets w/out you even knowing it. And why is this guy an "old friend?" Not sure about you, but in this business you need friends, infact the same guy i said lent me his hydroseeder for nothing a few years ago, and we've traded work ever since. I'm still a nOOb in his eyes but i offer huge jobs for him that i cant handle or have time for, in return he gives me smaller jobs he cant handle and that my guys can get done quickly without him having to say "i can get to it next week/month" So i WOULD suggest, if they laugh like some asses, move on and chalk that guy up as a prick and laugh as you take work off him anyways cause he's the way he is, and you're a half decent person who treats ppl with respect regardless of "nOOb" status.
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