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I will start my traditional new sales thread soon, but right now we have 7 new ones, which puts us behind last year, but ahead of 2009 and 2008 I think. I will have to check. all but 2 have come from trucks and referrals. one was from google serach. one from yelow pages. none yet from service magic or website. postcards go out today, I really tried to get them out sooner, but this year was crazy. I am doing 8.5x 14's this year, more of a placemat size, and we'll see if they work similar to the 6x11's I did in the past. I am also doing the post office saturation deal. they allow up to a 12x15 size. may do an 12x15 in the future since the postage is the same.

we are going to space them out over the next 2 weeks, probably sending 1000 per day or so for the next 10- working days.

signs go up tomorrow, and the phone will blow up with useless leads, but some will be sales. we'll see.
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