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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
I would not just copy a program but I like to entertain different thoughts and techniques, especially from those who think outside the norm and see details most others don't. I like to listen to all and form what works for me. I am never of the mindset that I know it all. There is always something new to learn. Our soils may differ to some degree though I do have very sandy properties but we do have the same varieties of turf so there would be common ground.

As far as extension services mine is very limited in knowledge and what they give is very generic. Someone in their position is not going to have the firsthand knowledge of someone who has years of in the field hands on experience.
Good response. Sorry if I sounded a little too harsh or condescending. I know you've been around here awhile. But maybe Ted Putnam would be a better source of info than Ric.

Fortunately, our extension services here in TX are some of the best around. They constantly refer to and use research done by Texas A&M. And it is dynamic - ever changing.
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