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Originally Posted by quiet View Post
Good response. Sorry if I sounded a little too harsh or condescending. I know you've been around here awhile. But maybe Ted Putnam would be a better source of info than Ric.

Fortunately, our extension services here in TX are some of the best around. They constantly refer to and use research done by Texas A&M. And it is dynamic - ever changing.
Ted has given me good advice over the years which I appreciate. I am entertaining the idea of a monthly liquid fert program for high end customers that desire maximum results. As far as I know Ted uses granular though like me he is playing with liquid.

Our U of A has a turfgrass research program and they could probably give good input but the local rep has limited knowledge. Not bragging but I could teach him/her a few things. I occasionally go the the U of Ark website and read some info but hard to beat some of the good stuff on lawnsite.
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