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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
My soils vary greatly from sandy to clay/rock. I have been on a granular only program due to limited time and have had good success with choosing higher quality products. I am considering a liquid or hybrid program for customers who desire the ultimate and are willing to pay. Almost all of my soils are acidic and suggest a N to K equal ratio except for bermuda naturally needs more N. What general guidelines can you give?

On another subject what do you do differently fert/herb wise to grass that grows in heavy shade?
In acidic clay soils, dependent on calcium levels, a good nitrogen source is calcium nitrate. This is almost like liming the soil minus the dusty mess and slow reaction. On acidic soils, most of my N comes from calcium nitrate instead of ammonium sulfate. In another thread, I detailed three or so different soil conditions I deal with. The fertilization program changes dependent on the soil. I do not have the good fortune of one type of soil. A one size fits all "lawn fertilizer" blend might get the grass green. But at what long term cost?
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