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Originally Posted by Falcon50EX View Post
The outside looks good how does the inside look. Have you thought of painting the truck to match the trailer. If i may ask what was you full time job before starting full-time. Is it just you or how many do you have on your crew.

Right now the inside is packed full with all my equipment
for storage till next spring. i do have racks on the walls
once the spring cleanup season ends, and were mowing
full time. a few cleanups ask me to haul away leaves, so we will load the front of the trailer, and then rake/pitch fork them out the side door, at the dump site.

yeah, im not crazy about having the black trailer/white truck. when i got the trailer my old truck was black. but then l really wanted a diesel, and got the 2004 chevy duramax. not sure what i should do, buy a white trailer, paint truck, were on the verge of buying another trailer/truck, i know that i like the white truck,looks WAY better dirty than my old black truck.

before 2005, a was mowing 3 days a week, and the other 2 days i worked for a friend doing landscaping/tree work. they were doing lawn maintenance part time and wanted to focus more on design/build and tree trimming. so i bought them out, and the rest is history. i also got some good commercial snow accounts as well, which has been excellent.

as far as a crew, i have 2 part time employees that kind of alternate days. if one guy needs a week off, then the other will pick up the slack. its been nice to have 2, instead of 1 full timer.
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