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Originally Posted by Falcon50EX View Post
Ted, its been a little over two weeks since you posted this what do you think. I sprayed my front yard with 3oz per thousand of GMS 6000sqft at .73gal per thousand form a Z four weeks ago it looks good.
I wish I'd sprayed mine when you did or even earlier. We had a couple nights of light frosts at least a week ago. This area where I applied is primarily an eastern exposure and was somewhat protected but lawns I service around here already have exposed areas with the "squiglies" that form from the frost settling in lower pockets in the bermuda. I've gotten calls from customers who thought they had worms I'm expecting at least one of those calls any time now Long story short, I didn't see much in the way of results. My fault. I waited and shouldn't have. So you are pleased with the results of the GMS??? You applied half the rate of GMS I did with almost 50% more carrier?? What type of turf do you have? I am central Arkansas I believe I was told the analysis on it was 10-20-10. I was thinking a chelated micromix might do well with it especially in light of what Ric has posted. Your thoughts on this?? I am eager to experiment with actively growing turf.
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