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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
I am imagining that it has more to do with what is being fed to the grass rather than where it is being applied. My typical mix is high K, high Manganese and iron, with no 46-0-0 or urea. I am not doing sprays that involve a couple of bags of urea, maybe some potassium chloride and that is it. My spray is much more comprehensive than that.
That may be the case. When I began dealing with these unfamiliar fungal problems, I did a little reading on them and found that they developed in the thatch layer and spread from there. Most granulars are not going to sit on top and even if they did, they would not be readily absorbed by the plant there. They would have to be dissolved making their way through the thatch layer into the root zone. That was my point in the foliar vs. granular comparison. This GMS product was developed to be absorbed through top portions of the plant, especially leaves. It is not meant to be absorbed by the roots at all from what I've read.
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