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Originally Posted by Falcon50EX View Post
Well no frost in my area, but I am 90 miles south of Atlanta. I over-seeded my front lawn with perennial rye for the first time. Part of the overall look is form the new grass PR. It looks really good considering the lawns on either side of me are going dormant. I will spray it again next weekend. I have used chelated micromix and have had excellent results and good idea to mix the two I will try it in the spring. I have a mix of 50% Burmuda and 45% Zoisa 5% centipede. The analysis is right and that is what is said on the side of the one gallon jugs I have.
Off topic I am still looking for the right interchangable spray tips for my backpacks and hand cans. I did find an awesome wand for my Z but it has a cone tip i am going to remove and replace with a flat fan.
Yes, I am 50 miles north of Little Rock. ArTurf is probably more in line with your "Latitude". It's really not that big of a difference between you and I unless it is during the Spring or Fall transition. Then, 50-100 miles and 3 weeks time can put you and I in 2 totally different stages of green up and/or dormancy.
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