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Originally Posted by ralph02813 View Post
@fdj so I guess what I really want to know is how you figure how much you want these 3 guys to produce in revenue say if they all get $15 and hour - what do you expect them to put in the pot now that they have collectively take $45 for one hour of time and there are 8 hours in a day.
I guess you'll pick out my entire business this way... but I have figured out that I cannot have a healthy business if I am not making at least $35/hr (for each employee) but I always aim a bit higher. IN another words my customers pay at least $35/hr/man.

And to be completely honest, lawn mowing is just bread and butter, for me at least, it is an steady income that isn't all that well paid, at least in our area due to market saturation.

My income relies on clean ups, installs... the general "landscaping" idea.
But tree removal really takes in at the top on profit to expenses ratio.

I figure that the more skills a job requires the better it pays, and the more experience you have the more profitable you can make your business be.
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