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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
One observable benefit of a prescription all liquid program is the reduction of disease. The worst offenders in my area are dollar spot, leaf spot and Take All Patch. Not managing these issues with smart fertilization practices and irrigation means that a lawn can be on fungicides 12 months out of the year. Since going to all liquids, I only have occasional trouble with dollar spot and that is if it is rainy and hot for more than a few days. It is rare for the weather to be that way. Its either raining and cold or hot and dry.
I will second the custom blended fertilizer reducing disease if applied correctly. Big problem is those who actually cause Fungus with the wrong fertilizer Blend and over application of that blend. A healthy green turf doesn't need a ton of urea. in fact IMHO Urea is the worst thing for turf and the best way to get disease. I won't give away my blends but I will say they are heavy on Micro elements.

Mancozeb Fungicide now no longer labeled for turf, was in fact nothing more than Macro application of Micro elements of Fertilizer. Mancozeb is nothing more than Mn and Zinc applied in larger quantity compared to using it as a fertilizer in smaller quantities. Zinc is a strong drying agent and can be toxic very quick if over applied.


a 100 miles makes a Huge difference in climate. I am 75 miles of North of Miami and have a different Climate and different plants. Heck I live on the north side of a River and while Coconut palms will grow here, They will not product Coconuts. Cross the river and the South side is loaded with Coconuts. BTW Tampa St Pete area is over a 100 miles North of me and Coconuts grow there. WHY??? Because Tampa Bay is a large body of water that cause the Tampa Bay area to be a warmer Micro Climate. Yes each area has it's only Climate and soil.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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