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I have never been a fan of Ride On sprayers that have a Low volume application rate for Liquid Fertilizer. They might be OK for some low volume Herbicide applications. My L & O Cab Over has 3 tanks and separate spray set ups that don't connect in any way. I have shrub Tank that I spray to the point of Run off plus some root drench. I Have a 5 gallon a Thousand Lawn fert and insect tank. And I have the 1 or 2 Gallon a thousand Herbicide Tank depending on what I am spraying. Certainty label says 2 gallons a thousand. Celsius label calls for one Gallon a thousand.

I admit Large volume carriers are OLD SCHOOL methods but they still work. My Toro Multi Pro Ride on Sprayer is set up to apply 3 gallons a thousand. At these rates I don't have trouble with over lapping or burn issues.

IMHO the Perma Green / Z sprayer liquid applications should be limited to minimal fertilizer touch up in support of other complete fertilizer applications. They are designed more for very light fertilizer treatments and Herbicides. Back to my first post about how I use Organic, Granule and Liquid fertilizers in my program.


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