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Originally Posted by Falcon50EX View Post
One more thought, I would put out GMS at .33 per thousand from my Z this spring. If I mixed Chelated micomix it calls for 2gal per thousand how would it do if applied at .33 any ideas? To my understanding and that's not saying much part of the Chelated is a direct foliage feed but what about the other parts of it. GMS is to get sprayed below 80 and with the dew still on the ground so would that also help in the breaking down of the Chelated. This is going to be trial and error to some degree. I will start on my lawn first and three others, that I maintain on a weekly basis all Bermuda.
I have been wondering how low volume and liquid fert would work and finally came to the conclusion that I am going to go with 2 gallons per K with my Z Max. I will use the grey tips and go slower (see Z chart). I might use 1 gal per K if conditions are perfect and then water with irrigation.

Read this info.
With fertilizers, it is always over 2 gallons per 1000. My actual rate of ammonium N or nitrate N will influence the range. If I am going over 1/2 lb of non CRN nitrogen, it is sprayed out in 2 gallons per 1000. If it is over 85 at the time of application, water volume goes up to 5 gallons per 1000. I have had grass scorch before I was able to irrigate the application in if the water volume was too low. Centipede gets 1/4-1/2 lb of N per month 50% from CRN. St Augustine is 1/2-1 lb of N up to 33% is from CRN. Bermuda is 1-11/2 lb of N 33% from CRN. Zoysia is at 1/2-1 lb 33% CRN. N is not the only thing I am applying either. For all grasses, there is up to 1/2 lb of K from potassium nitrate in each application. The lower rate of the range is for the cold, and cloudy months. I really have to pay attention to the weather trends. Pushing grass with high rates when the temps are below 80 in the day and 70 at night is a waste. However, if I do not have enough fertilizer down when it is 80 at night and over 80 in the day time leads to grass that looks really bad.

I have applied at 1 gallon per 1000, but that is very scary. I only get away with it if it is cool and humid. Otherwise, grass can burn before you can irrigate. On big lawns, I am spraying right ahead of the irrigation zones as they go on if I am am applying anything over a 1/2 lb per 1000 mix.
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