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Why have you not joined Plowsite?

A quarter acre is a 100 x 100.

3' blade minimum 34 passes.
4' blade minimum 25 passes.

In reality to prevent spill over the total passes will be much higher because you will won't be able to use the full width of the plow. Also plowing passes that long will build up to much snow in front of the plow depending on how deep the snow is. So even more passes.

Before you know it that 25 passes can be 125 passes. So what you thought and bid to be a one hour job can be a four hour job and then you lost your shirt because the equipment is to small for the job.

If you get $60 an hour to do a driveway that is 100' long 10' wide in one hour then the lot should take you 10 hours (not real numbers but done to give you an example) to do a quarter acre lot then you need to charge $600.

Now people on plowsite can point out how long it would take a utv to do this job, and if a plow truck is better suited because it could do the job in half the time.

Stop being lazy and register on plowsite.
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