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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
I will not apply fertilizer to a lawn using low volume liquid apps unless it is a true foliar feed. If I had a much lower customer count I might consider it. There are too many variables for me to deal with and unless you are extremely careful, it can be a recipe for disaster. 80% of my customers do not have irrigation systems so watering immediately afterward is not possible for the most part. I don't visit my customers lawns once a month. I am there every 7 weeks so spoon feeding is out of the question. I am OLD SCHOOL in many ways also but I try to keep an open mind to new equipment, products and techniques that will make my life easier...IF THEY WORK. I still do my pre-emergent apps with a hose reel and gun at 2gpm. We are about 3 days away from finishing my Fall pre-emerg. We've spent 6 wks spraying 5.5 million ft sq using this method.. I did a few huge accounts with the Z spray just to see how low volume liquid apps of pre work but still have more confidence in how I've always done it. This GMS product was developed as a true foliar feed. The info I have on it recommends not applying it if rain is in the forecast and says that it should remain unirrigated for at least 12 hrs for optimum absorption to take place. It will be a learning experience for me.
I am the opposite of you, about 80% of my customers are irrigated. (I work in irrigation also). This year must have been really tough on you with the drought. I don't have near the volume you have, just a part timer at this point. Sounds like you really have it going on. What fall pre's do you use.
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