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Originally Posted by Plantculture View Post
Will be planting perennial Rye this week at a stable that is occupied Jan - April.
Looks great, but is a N hog so constant feeding is required or else it gets rust fungus pretty bad. It starts to check out in late april-may. It hangs on longer if kept moist/shade.
I don't like to overseed St A, because the rye gives too much competition.

I have a customer who's daughter is having a wedding in March at his home. His turf is the typical Bahia weed patch we get here because of our high pH soils. He is planning on over seeding with Rye just for the wedding. He really isn't concerned with recovery of his turf. He lives on acreage and is happy with green weeds except for this wedding in his yard with Tents etc.

So Not having a lot of experience with over seeding, are you applying heavy N because of heavy forage by the horses?? Or will I be able to keep perennial rye green with Iron and Nitrogen?? Is Rust fungus typical of Perennial? or are you causing it by high Nitrogen and needing to apply more N to grow out of the Rust caused by the N? In other words are you causing the rust problem by trying to feed the horses??

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