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Fun thread, the debate for the best AR/AK is forever on going and very much like ford/chevy or Scag/Exmark or whatever. My simple advice is ask yourself a few questions...

1. what is my main purpose of this weapon... self defense? hobby shooting? some kind of critter shooting?
2. what will be your main distances? short range (home def.) mid range or long?
3. what is your budget? this is very important, there is some big differences in parts on a $650.00 AR and a $1500.00 or more AR.

I would challenge you to take a week or longer and check out some various AR forums, ask questions, read the threads all before you buy. I thought I knew a pretty good amount about them and found myself learning a ton more after reading on these.

I recently bought a Daniel Defense AR it is one of the better models and thus cost me a bit more. That being said there are many good models DD, Bushmaster, Colt ( a very good gun, although I feel you are paying a premium for the name) Spikes Tactical, (a lot of law enforcement use)NoveskE (one of the best you can buy IMHO), LMT, and on and on. All are good and will do what you want it to do, but here again you need to figure out what you are going to use it for and how you want to configure it. Shorter barrel, shorter range.Will you need a scope? don't want a long range set up on a short range rifle. Do you want a chrome lined barrel? (I did) what about various other parts (hand guards, sights, internal parts?) all things to consider before pouring a ton of money into it.

PM me if you have any questions

Take care,

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