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Well here is the thing. I have a HUGE collection.

I have long range rifles. 280, 25-06 (deadly accurate), 308, 300 ultra with a 600yd scope and bipod. Plus many many many more bolt action rifles. My shot gun collection is extensive as well which includes over and unders, semi autos, pump action, and even a 12ga barrel for my TC. My handgun collection is extensive as well. I own 3 TC's with just about every barrel made for them. From a 223 barrel to a 454 and 12 ga. I also have several colt 1911's. Many revolvers including my favorite a 41 Mag special order with all brass trimming that a gun store offered me $6000 for it. I have several derengers and even pen guns. I have my great great grandmothers single shot derenger that she carried in her bra during the prohibition as my great great grandfather ran whisky. I have a handfull of carry guns as well.

What is missing is an AR. I have a few .22 semis that i can shoot fast as all hell and they are accurate but dont have the punch behind them obviously. What i am thinking is that i would like to "finish" the collection with an ar. A fast shooter with a little punch (223 is weak compared to my rifles) at least enough to do some damage if need be and that will repeat quickly. I want accuracy and i want cheap ammo to stock. Unlike my 300 ultra the ammo for a 223 ($300) for 1000 rounds is CHEAP. I have even seen it as low as $219 for 1000 rounds. I dont mind buying used as long as it was properly cared for.

I do want an ar that will withstand the elements. Lets face it, if poop ever hit the fan i think the ar will be the #1 rife as ammo is cheap and it has enough punch to do the job. I am not buying it for "home defense". I am not buying it for hunting. I am buying it to round off the collection and to have a "bush" gun incase poop hits the fan. We are recovering from a natural disaster right now as CT was hit hard by an early snow storm and we were without power for 8 days. We were without fuel for 4 days. People were getting weird. So it got me thinking about what i would want/need if something even more catostrophic happened and i needed a tool for survival and such. As i was thinking about it and going through the rundown of my collection to decide which weapons would most suit that purpose i realized i had a missing piece to the puzzle. I have close range, long range, but i realized i was missing a good mid-range repeater. So here i am looking for the right one. I a not looking for the best of the best. I was considering a suppresor as i would think in the field (which is what the gun would be owned and intended for) it would be beneficial. I do want a light on it and i do want open sights as i want to be fast with it. I have plenty of scoped guns if necessary. I would want it to weather well. Again, inteded for use in a catastrophy. (i know it is unlikely i would need it, but 1 purchase will free my mind knowing i have all bases covered) I am used to steel guns that i oil and baby. Guns that are scribed and pretty etc. This is NOT what i want out of this ar. I need to to be tough. My 300 ultra mag is SS. I also have several SS handguns and my carry guns will do well in the weather dept for a while as well. I am assuming the ar' are made for what i am describing correct? I want a workhorse. I have super accurate guns. My main aobjective for the ar is to weather well, be reliable, strong, and last with a lot of use. Anymore you guys want to add to this i am all ears and i look forward to posting pics of the new adittion after i decide which one to go with.
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