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Originally Posted by punt66 View Post
My main aobjective for the ar is to weather well, be reliable, strong, and last with a lot of use. Anymore you guys want to add to this i am all ears and i look forward to posting pics of the new adittion after i decide which one to go with.
First off, I'm JEALOUS of your collection, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Anyway, if this is all you want why not just get an AK and call it good? What you just described is the Kalashnikov to a tee, plus the maintenance is ridiculously low. For example, I bought an AK47 used at a gun show last year with the wood stock and a composite Dragunov style stock, optics mount, 4 magazines and a Timney trigger for $400. It will out shoot the S&W AR everyday and ammo is just as cheap.
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