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Originally Posted by f50lvr2 View Post
First off, I'm JEALOUS of your collection, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Anyway, if this is all you want why not just get an AK and call it good? What you just described is the Kalashnikov to a tee, plus the maintenance is ridiculously low. For example, I bought an AK47 used at a gun show last year with the wood stock and a composite Dragunov style stock, optics mount, 4 magazines and a Timney trigger for $400. It will out shoot the S&W AR everyday and ammo is just as cheap.
Because the ak round sucks past 200 yards. Youre forgetting the ergonomic nightmare of the safety and magazine release. Magazine changes? Harder than an ar. Sights? They suck. So does elevation and windage. The ak was made for people who had to be told not to go crap in their well. Punt, while differing with me on some issues, seems to be a normal, rational person.

I have left an m16 in the top hatch of an aav and after several days of operations, even while being covered in dirt and sand..worked.

It's not a case of buy's a case of buy the better weapon. It costs more, yes, but the quality is more evident in it.
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