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Originally Posted by Plantculture View Post
Be careful with using old seed. I put some out 2 weeks ago at my house, it rained for 3 days straight and got no germination.

This is a learning Experience for me. We are far enough South that Over Seeding is not real popular.

The customer is getting all the seed for free from the Golf Course. I really don't have a say in what he uses. My part was Killing out the weeds, Fire Ants and two Feral Bee colonies. Fl Landscape is doing the slit seeding but the customer is supplying the seed and what every fertilizer is used. The game plan is to use the new seed on the Party area and the old seed else where until used up. We are waiting for the Golf Course to finish doing their over seeding before getting the leftover seed.

The Customer has a Shooting Range and part of our deal for doing the work at cost is the right to target shoot any Sunday. I sighted in my old 22's and Fl Landscape shot his new 9 MM that is very actuate.


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