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Originally Posted by punt66 View Post
Well here is the thing. I have a HUGE collection.
Wow, I guess I struck a nerve there buddy. I wasn't trying to offend anybody. Apparently you're just the sensitive type. I have nothing against the AR platform, I think it's fantastic and serves its purpose extremely well.

My point was just that the way you described your situation is pretty much the MO of an AK, as most informed gun owners would likely agree. And I'm not saying the AR is unreliable even in DI guise, if it were our military wouldn't issue it.
And I think you're misinformed as to the capabilities of the 7.62x54 rounds capabilities. A dragunov style rifle will easily engage targets beyond 800yds. Besides which, you said you had long range rifles and didn't want another one, so why is that relevant to you anyway? As for sights, adjustments etc., it's a matter of preference and training.
Just my .02c from an owner and enthusiast of both platforms.
You didn't it's just hard to throw in smileys on mobile. An ak I owned had a kaboom and nearly cost me my eyesight and destroyed the rifle. I had it rebuilt and it still had some malfunctions until it was broken in but had a rough time getting there. I was referring to the 7.62x39.
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