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Originally Posted by f50lvr2 View Post
I should probably apologize for my snarky post. I was having a crappy day and probably typed before I thought. I guess I was the one being a little too sensitive. Anyway, it sounds like you are an informed buyer that knows what you are looking for.

My point with the 7.62x54 round being that the AK platform is just as adaptable as the AR platform. Just like an AR10 system will be superior in terms of range and stopping power than an AR15 system. After your experience with an AK it's understandable you would not be looking for another one. I wish you good luck with your new purchase whatever it may be and hope you enjoy shooting it.
I don't think it's as adaptable as the ar, still. True dragunovs are very rare in the us and are different from regular ak rifles. I can convert my m4 to a number of different calibers by swapping the upper receiver. I will purchase another ak in the future because I really miss that last one I had. It was a very pretty looking rifle but I needed a sub compact glock for concealed carry. I already had the dedicated semi auto rifle taken care of so it was unneeded.

The ar15 in 20" or 16" is good out to 500 and plenty of times farther. The extra range of the 7.62 rounds only comes into play after that. No such thing as stopping power..a lot of people have survived 7.62. What matters with each round is making solid hits. They will do the job.
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