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Stand By for pure analysis of productivity in a few weeks. Once I finish the outdoor season i will analyze how productive I am on the same properties I did last year with a push spreader, as well as comparing how much productivity I can have on the large properties I have never been competitive on. I know by far my body was saved substantial stress this season and I could do a lot more in a day (albeit with the expense of a $9000 machine). I also know I could fertilizer and spray a lawn of 45,000 sq. ft. in about 20 minutes for each process. This would have taken me 40-45 minutes just to fertilize and add in the spraying time (which for me was done as a spot spray as opposed to hose reel) of at least 40-45 minutes and I basically doubled my productivity. The only thing is I still spot sprayed most properties as a way to reduce the pesticides applied. I have reserved the wall to wall applications for only the worst of the worst situations. This is a personal and professional decision to operate this way and I tell my customers that we aim to reduce the amount of pesticide use by spot spraying if at all possible, so they know I may cost more, but I am safer for their pets and themselves as compared to most lawn care companies.

I will be back on this thread in a few weeks when i have the time to analyze all my data.

As for the machine . . . no problems in year 1 at all. I hope that continues through next year! Oh and for those wondering about how it operates on hills . . . it did just fine in most circumstances, but the occasional small spot might need to be spot sprayed to avoid spinning the tires. It literally was only an issue on 2 or 3 properties and the area was so small it didn't really affect the productivity, but then again those areas would also be unmanageable by a riding zero turn, so you should expect to have situations like that from time to time.
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