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Originally Posted by tillerstick View Post

Never have had the privilege to sail a Flying Dutchman. Have seen them and they look like a lot of fun. I am currently restoring a Kittiwake 23. She is an ALberg design. Full keeled, very similar to Cape Dory.

I believe the South Coast 23 was a Albery Design also. While I have never sailed a Kittiwake 23 I have sail a South Coast 23 many times. The performance level will never meet a Dutchman but it is a lot closer than many other boats. It has been many years since I have swung from a Trapeze wire in white capped water. The Dutchman Planed at 14 knots of wind. I used to one man my Dutchman from the wire with a Tiller extension. I had to be real careful not to capsize one man because righting a Dutchman with the sails up is a hard two man job and impossible for me alone.

I am into Motor Boats now. I have 4 boats right now but only two have trailers or are actually being used. My bass boat and Aquatic spray boat are on trailers. I have a project small Pontoon Boat which is a Paddle wheel peddle driven. BTW I posted pictures of it in Off Topic. I just finished Cleaning it up. It had Cement splashed all over it. I am still looking for a way to power the Paddle Wheel. I don't plan to keep the Paddle wheel boat and hope to use it as Trade Material for some other project. I got to keep something to amuse me.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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