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Originally Posted by tillerstick View Post
The Kittiwake and the Southcoast are almost the exact same boat. Same mold for the hull. The Kitti has a little more teak on the exterior and the deck plan is slightly different.

Boats are a great and expensive hobby/obsession. I am in fert and chemical sales and hope to make the Kitti my office away from home this Spring.


Like I said that boat will never be the High performances of the Flying Dutchman Olympic Class One Design. But it does have better performance than most cabin boats. It is a very fine sailing boat and very sea worthy. I wouldn't be afraid to sail it to the Bahamas etc. I started with a Home made wooden Sail Fish off a set of plans. The boat was so heavy it couldn't go to wind. I then jumped a very big giant step to the Dutchman. After sailing the Dutchman for many years I still never mastered it.

PS. My Harbor is so shallow that full keel boats are not popular here. We have Two Identical upscale Sail Boat Canal Neighborhoods in my area. The single lot 80 X 120 Property values differences by a $ 100 K. The reason is the one neighborhood can't get deep draft boats to the Harbor during winter's lower tide levels. Summer boating for Deep Draft Boats is limited to high tide also.


This last spring I purchased a 15 Pound bag of Sahara Bermuda from Wally World for $ 42.00. Thinking I was getting a bargain now that Bermuda Seed is $ 4.00 a Pound. I don't think I got one seed to germinate. That kind of surprised me because it had a Nov of 2010 test date on it and I was planting it in June of 2011. Only thing I can think is Wally World stored the seed over the winter in a bad spot and it got cooked by high temperatures. Freezing would not have hurt it.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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