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Originally Posted by lyube View Post
What are you doing that makes it a pain? Just wipe it down with a rag, spray it with clp (grease is better), hit the bore with a brush, reassemble.
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Star chamber, under the rail system, in the lower reciever (under the sear). Back blading with a dozer can kick up a ton dust, doesn't help they are all open cabs either. Armorer wants white glove everytime. I should rephase what I said earlier, its a pain when your only issued half of a cleaning kit. And it didn't help that my M4 was still soaking with the factory grease/oil when it came out with me to Irwin, and I didn't have the a chance to wipe it down, it was "Schmitz jump on that dozer"

Edit: there is a picture of the dozer in my picture thread below
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