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Originally Posted by quiet View Post
I'm shaking my head as I write this, Ed. Our water situation here in the Austin area has been extremely critical for the past year, and it's getting even worse as we move into the typically very dry winter months. Lake Travis is at it's 3rd lowest level in history. And there's no TS Hermine in sight.

I think that winter overseeding and weekly irrigation in the winter is totally irresponsible.

TAMU advises people to water once per month in the winter - if no rainfall has occured. That's what I advise my customers every year, and I've never had a problem with dessication. Our clay soils hold water really well, particularly in winter when ET rates are so low.

And besides, it looks plain stupid to have a deep green lawn when everything else is brown.

Wonder why we have such strict watering rules? It's because of practices like these.
I know you and Mr Hess are farther south than me and have warmer temps, but in my area after I get the Rye to germ I sometimes cut the water off to the turf areas and just leave some of the annual color areas on. If we do not get any moisture I may run them once a month but generally I leave them off. Most of them stay pretty nice through this time without much maintenance so I do not feel the Rye is wasteing too much water. The only thing I am thinking I might quite overseeding is the Celebration Bermuda. The newer ones that have this type Bermuba do not seem to overseed worth a darn. I think it is because the way this stuff grows it is so dense that the seed does not have a chance, kind of like St Augustine.
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