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Originally Posted by lyube View Post
Ehh yeah for armory turn in sure. For basic maintenance? Heck no. If you ever need anything email me and I'll see what I can do. All you need to keep the m4 running is will run dirty just fine. Tooth brush, barrel rod, brush, chamber brush, eyelet. Everything else is optional.
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These are notorious to sweat/bleed carbon, so I'm told. All I was issued was 2 cleaning rods and a eyelet. I ended up purchasing a otis kit, works great, even use it for my hunting rifle. I just couldn't bear to hear the grinding sound when you pull that charging handle back after being covered in sand.

Maybe you can answer another question for me. Sitting on a BZO range, the rifle would always misfeed on the 2nd round out of 3. Even did it on the Qual range to. Tap, rack, banged the 3rd round and functioned fine for the rest of the mag. Insert a fresh mag same thing, 2nd round misfeed, it was doing it all day. Usually no big deal, but only getting 34 out of 40, part of it being 3 misfeed's gets fustrating when your looking at your score for promotion points.

If it helps: rifle is made by FN, Mags have Tan follower and are new.
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