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Originally Posted by tony b View Post
Which is faster? I have a 20 hp billygoat loader and a cabover leafbox on a F250 with an 8' bed. If you are forced to tarp leaves for whatever reason, too many to blow, fenced back yard, whatever. Why would anyone dump them on the ground and then suck them up with the vac. Just put them in the truck already. Simply put I think its faster to round the leaves up, shred them with a walkbehind, rake them on a tarp n load them in the truck. Yes the truck will hold a little more using the vac but I would estimate that we get finished abot 1/3 faster without the vac. Maybe I'm just oldschool (20+ yrs in the business). What do you think?
No offense but i work EFFICIENTLY (Easy way/ Quickest way)
Here's My way I ride around with the ultravac on Gathering all the leaves, while the guys blow out the beds, When they are done with the beds they start loading up the truck with the leaf loader.

Not only is this faster but it allows us to get more cleanups in the truck, We get more cleanups done because we arent as tired as we would be if we had to lift tarps all day. My loader is 10yrs old and pays for itself YEAR after Year!

Honestly if you're gonna be in the business its Not even worth it to be tarping 24/7....
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