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The question I would like answered: does it make sense from an enviromental perspective to switch to these more "environmentally friendly" standards and fuels? How "green" is it to have to replace the equipment every couple years (or less).
Gasoline with ethanol isn't and wasn't implemented to be "green". It was a feel good move by the government to make people think we are doing something about foreign oil dependence which it actually does little for. You get less mileage from ethanol fuel than straight gas. E-85 has been shown to be damaging to flex-fuel vehicles which are actually designed to run on 85% ethanol blend. The government provides a subsidy for corn producers from which ethanol is made and that has had the effect of driving up the prices of other corn products like corn flakes.

So in reality ethanol is just another goverment intrusion that benefits a special interest group at the expense of everybody else.
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