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Originally Posted by cuttin-to-the-Max View Post
No offense but i work EFFICIENTLY (Easy way/ Quickest way)
Here's My way I ride around with the ultravac on Gathering all the leaves, while the guys blow out the beds, When they are done with the beds they start loading up the truck with the leaf loader.

Not only is this faster but it allows us to get more cleanups in the truck, We get more cleanups done because we arent as tired as we would be if we had to lift tarps all day. My loader is 10yrs old and pays for itself YEAR after Year!

Honestly if you're gonna be in the business its Not even worth it to be tarping 24/7....
I'm sorry but if you can bag up leaves with a rider your not cleaning up very many leaves(and yes we do every customer every week). I couldn't run a rider with a bag 40 ft without having to go dump in one of our yards with about 5 or 6 large oak trees. In which case I would probably have to go dump 10 times per yard (this is probably underestimated). Thats a lot of wasted time and handling the leaves twice (picking up with a ztr then picking up again with a truckloader). We use plows and a truckloader in some situations and backyard shreds with tarps in others. It might be a little harder work but for the most part its faster time after time.
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