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RedMax EBZ8500 review

As some of you know one of my EBZ8001s was starting to show its age. After a few hours on lawnsite and some loss of sleep I decided to pick up a new EBZ8500. Couldn’t find much on this blower, which is very surprising especially for how powerful it is. When I went to pick up one at weingartz I was still a little unsure about this new blower because I have heard almost nothing about it. I talked to my salesman about the echo 770 and he said, “don’t even go there, no where near the power or reliability of that redmax.” Picked it up for $578.

Upgrades to the 8500 from 8001/8050
• Redesigned air filter housing has 2 intakes that go down into the blower intake area, no exact idea where they end up but it did help tremendously to keep out particulates.
• New fuel tank is easier to work with. Fill point is the highest point so there are no air pockets, this lets you put more gas in
• Lighter
• Blower tube is more robust at the flexible joint, but the tubes are not as heavy duty.
• Handle on the tube (hip mount throttle) is more comfortable and is made of a heavy plastic that does not flex
• Improved handle mount allows the handle to rotate and not the tube, this gives the tube a solid feel and removes the weak point between the flexible tube and solid tube
• Tubes connect with a great amount of friction, these wont fall off or loosen up on you
• Bigger blower tubes for more air volume
• New back padding is not very comfortable; most of the pressure is pushed onto your back in 2 long vertical areas.
• Just like all redmax blowers, all of the weight of the blower is on your shoulders
• Hip throttle mount is more robust
• More power

All in all I like it more than my older 8001. It may not be as comfortable but the gain in power outweighs that. The newer design made the flexible portion of the blower tube much less awkward, higher up and bit further out so it doesn’t pinch my waist as much when I aim the tube to my left. Seems to use fuel at the same rate (fast) and has the same eye burning exhaust fumes.
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