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Originally Posted by A+Grounds View Post
they get hard to pull when they need a valve adjust correct? were both in michigan so i would have to imagine we use similar fuel and see a similar amount of leaves in the fall. in you honest unbiased opinion do you think the br600 is really that much better than the ebz8500 in usable air and performance?
I wouldn't say a lot more usable air, but rather, a difference in how it's applied. I don't know what model Stihl the other posted used, but I run them side by side (My Husky, and Stihl) and there's a definate difference between them. The Stihl is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I would be willing to bet good coin that those who don't like Stihl 600's have little time with one in real world conditions, or just assume that they are weaker because of their sound.

My review will be fair and unbiased. I see no need to promote one brand over another just because I may own that one. I could have bought any blower I wanted whe I bought this last one, but I went with the Husky for several reasons that I'll cover in the review. In other words, I'm not particularly brand loyal.
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