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Tri-City Lawn Care's Thread...

I've just ended my third year in business. I started my company when i was 22 shortly after returning from a 2 year mission in California. After two years of making my own schedule and being my own boss, i knew it would be difficult to come back to Ohio and work for someone else. I saw a lot of Latinos doing outdoor maintenance, so in our daily travels i would take time to talk to them and gather information. I decided, shortly before returning to Ohio, that I was going to just mow lawn when i got home and then take it from there. Needless to say, I've fell in love with this industry. I love business, and this has been a great fairly fail safe way of getting my feet wet in the business world. I have a vision for my lawn care company and am working diligently to accomplish it. Since 2009 I've met my beautiful wife, bought a house and am expecting our first (boy, heir to my throne this January. That's me in a nutshell.

I got into fertilizing this year, and i really enjoy it. It's been a great addition to my company. I'm gearing my company towards maintenance only, with the exception of Mulch. I will also be getting into the snow removal arena this year as well. I bought two snow blowers, as I will start with what i can handle and go from there. Mainly:

Fertilizing/Weed Control
Snow Removal

All of equipment is basically paid for, I got the truck new in 05' and when i returned form California i had zero equipment. I used my dads red Huskee riding mower and loaded into the back of my pickup with ramps. I shortly thereafter financed the Kubota. I've since made the decision to pay cash for my equipment, and it's made a big difference. The two lesco's, walk behind and leaf loader, i got for a GREAT price on Craigs List.

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