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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Can't say a wb is faster when its larger then a ztr.

Can't say a ztr will be cut more grass because it goes at a higher mph then a walker.

Selecting mowers involves access through gates an other obstacles.

Deck width.


Handle steep grades.

Lawn tractor is the way to go because it allows one hand operation.

A while back a poster needed to buy a mower because he had injured his shoulder, needed an operation, would not be able to use one arm for many months post operation. So his ztr was useful as a boat anchor to him that season. Why buy a mower twice?

Why walk even if you are young?

Remember it's years of wear and tear that takes the toll on your legs.

32VLD has the right idea that you need to be comparing apples to apples. A wider deck is almost always going to cut more grass in the same time. If you are needing a 36 for back yards then you really can't compare it to a 48 because it just doesn't matter. I think if I were you I would have bought a used 36 for back yards and a new 48 or 60 for fronts and non-gated back yards. Where me and 32vld disagree is that he says you should buy a lawn tractor instead of a ztr. I could never go back to running a lawn tractor. They are slow and the majority of them are built for homeowners. I don't think I have ever seen one with a fab deck. Good luck to you in figuring out what you actually need.
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