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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Hey Mario! Long time no hear.

I have trouble believing that root went through a good strong landscape fabric, then through the sock around the pipe, then through the small hole in the pipe into the drain. I mean, I'm seeing it. But I can hardly believe that. I've never experienced that in the drains we've built.

Where are you getting your landscape fabric? I don't think roots would go through the stuff we use.
Don't know where the stuff came from that I replaced, but it was some pretty thick stuff. Whatever was over the pipe was thinner. It was not a full blown root invasion yet after the one-year period, but an intermittent penetration where roots got into the pipe every two to three feet. Odds are, in a second year, it would have slightly penetrated like every 6 inches of length with some tiny roots. I doubt it would have done heavy clogging until 5 years passed.

But the root shown in the piece of pipe I posted, made a full penetration of every layer in about 1 year. I think the interesting part is how it sort of extended through the air a little bit. The trees were pines, so probably less invasive than aspen, maple, etc..

For my own past installations, or consultations, I've promoted going past close proximity to trees with solid pipe or solid barriers other than fabric. Especially since almost every fabric I know of gets penetrated. Even the thick root ball bags I saw used in Medford nurseries.

Having this rare opportunity to pull a 1 year old drain pipe out of the ground was a golden opportunity to document the value of the 1 hour consultations I've been doing throughout the past few years.

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