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Originally Posted by BaxtersEssentialLawnCare View Post
I left the gun in the car,the other stuff has been multiple incidents over the years. The night they got the gun they got over a dozen cars up and down the street. Shooting someone for that might be alittle harsh but I know where that comes from and I can't say that if I knew it was leagal and I saw someone jacking my stuff they just be dead paying with their life.
Well i am out a 5 year old wallet that i liked, a note from my wife from long ago, 2 credit cards, a few receipts, and $13. I am still beyond pissed about it but are you saying you would shoot the loser over this? I am afraid that if you would that SC needs tougher laws regarding the right to carry, especially since you can't even control the weapons that you have, or had.
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