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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
I can understand your frustration with how slow it is to go to school . I got it in my head that i was done with school in HS. but that is just the begining. My plan for the next 3 years is to take business classes full time(starting next fall) and take one hort class per semester to graduate the hort degree the same time i am getting a b.a. in Finance
Unfortunately/fortunately it is just the beginning, depending on the way one looks at it. But I really want to pursue finance or accounting, not sure which direction yet. However I do need to get a new truck and want to buy a house, my parents made it clear that if I were to buy a new truck I'd have to be house shopping also. Regardless, to earn the money to pay for both will require lots of work, which then in turn makes it so I can't study as much, hurting my grades, and the vicious up and down cycle begins....
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