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Originally Posted by rob7233 View Post
Go to to find stations near you. Also feel free to add any stations that offer pure gasoline that are not listed.

The products I recommend are Marine Grade Stabil (not the pink stuff!) and StarTron. I am in the Metro Orlando area of Florida and our Ethanol issues are especially bad.

Personally, I use "old school" Shindaiwa hand helds and use only pure gas since new rubber parts, gaskets etc are getting hard to find.
Using Non- Ethanol fuel is the only way to completely alleviate all the alcohol fuel related problems since additives will only correct some of them.
Great link; found pure gas right around the corner!

Am having the same problems as everybody else. I think using mid grade & Lucas helped us a little bit, but it's hard to tell.

Also, with so many "ethanol" additives on the market, how do you make a decision on which one? Does anybody rate them, like Consumers Report?
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