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Originally Posted by StihlMechanic View Post
It boils down to this IMO. Crime is everywhere, police and laws do nothing. Police only investigate crimes after the fact, they prevent nothing. Criminals are not as afraid of laws as they are afraid of being shot. I have lived in Texas 30 years, and in Ohio for 8 months. In the 8 months I lived in Ohio my car was broken into twice, I was robbed once. That was 3 crimes I alone experienced in 8 months, just minding my own business. Anyone I knew in Ohio warned me, for they had similar experiences. In Texas I have experienced no crime myself. Nothing is stolen, to break-ins, nothing. Of course I lock everything up, but still nothing has happened to me. I credit our loose guns laws. Citizens protect themselves, not laws, not the police.
Where in Ohio do you live? Ive lived in Ohio for 30 years and I dont think I even know anyone that has been robbed. Also Ohio and Texas gun laws are almost identical, you can shoot anyone who invades your private property and that includes your car even when your out on the road.
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