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Originally Posted by lawnman_scott View Post
Well i am out a 5 year old wallet that i liked, a note from my wife from long ago, 2 credit cards, a few receipts, and $13. I am still beyond pissed about it but are you saying you would shoot the loser over this? I am afraid that if you would that SC needs tougher laws regarding the right to carry, especially since you can't even control the weapons that you have, or had.
This Sir is a moronic statement. In over a decade of handling firearms I HAVE NEVER LEFT A WEAPON UNSECURED. The gun was in a locked car. All my other firearms are secured under loak and key. The problem is and I'm gonna quote my Grandpa on this "a lock only keeps a honest person honest". I take every per cauation to insure my weapons are only accessable by people who should have that access. As to what I said is really the part left unsaid in the quote. If someone is bold enough to break into someone property to steal, whats to say they won't kill you? I keep upto date on all laws and I abide by them to the letter, but I personally feel that if we had the right to shoot to protect property there would be less crime. After the last time I had something stolen I have made it a point to open carry on my property and it has been quite sometime with out a single issue. So is the threat of death a deterant? I have my answer and you have yours. I will respect your choice and I hope you mine. I have had more experince with crimnals than I would like and that has taught me alot. I do everything in my power to deter theft but at the end of the day locks/chains/cameras only do so much. (I have all three in use) but I can assure you that the point they stop working a few hollow points will do the trick. I wish that sc would adopt the texas law and allow me the choice. Not to say I would but I want the option. As a side not sc does have a stand your ground law but you are only able to use force to counter force against you or another person, not property. I wish it would be different.
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