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Originally Posted by Greenlandscaping View Post
I underbidded it in the early spring. Tell me what you think you would charge. 2 guys. 5 acres. 1 pool area. 20 minutes of trimming. 20 minutes of blowing and around 2 acres of bagging with the exmark. Where would you be?
How many hrs does it take you? Here you really cannot make it on anything less than 60/a hr for 2 guys...plan on charging EVERYONE that next year. That probably would run about 150-200 depending on how its laid out for us.
OH....DON'T call the guy your "employee" until you really are paying him as an employee...i.e. FICA unemployment etc. Payroll is fun BTW. And all the other assorted paperwork associated with running a business. I called my guy(s) "helper(s)" until I got payroll going. But if you are ambitious I think you can handle all of it.
Have fun...get legal..make money...don't lowball...charge a good rate regardless of your age...oh and then have some more fun! And another thing...don't grow up too fast. I mean still be a kid somedays. Somedays I wish I could go back to 13 and start a lot of things over. But its part of life. Good luck!
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