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Originally Posted by replenish&subdue View Post
A pre-emerge prevents weeds from germinating. I believe all the ones you listed are post emergents that kill weeds already up. For example,Dicamba is a postemergent. The two most used pre-emerges are probably Prodiamine and Pendulum.
No, all of them are listed as having pre-emergence control. Some of them are also listed as having post-emergent control, that however does not negate pre-emergent properties. Can you please get your facts straight.

For example Dicamba, which you think is only a post-emergent.
Dicamba is a benzoic acid herbicide. It can be applied to the leaves or to the soil. Dicamba controls annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in grain crops and grasslands, and it is used to control brush and bracken in pastures. It will kill broadleaf weeds before and after they sprout. Legumes will be killed by dicamba (3, 5). In combination with a phenoxyalkanoic acid or other herbicide, dicamba is used in pastures, range land, and non-crop areas (fence-rows, roadways and wastage) to control weeds (1).

Here is Siduron
APPLICATION METHOD(S): Applied as a preemergence treatment to bare soil as a final operation following spring seeding, or to new fall seedings or established turf in the spring just before expected emergence of annual weed grasses

Do I need to continue? FYI, I checked to make sure they could be used for pre-emergent control before I posted them.
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