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Thanks for input. I am not for or against but hope for a little openness and acceptance for some chemical products until discoveries are made to not have to use them. Meanwhile organic/natural has hurtles it has not been able to jump and it is either include some pre-emerges or eventually have grassy weeds take over especially if one lives in warmer climates.
The links confirmed that Prodiamine is quite safe for a man made product.Here is one summary from the link, "With respect to the proposed use patterns, exposure to birds (and small mammals) to prodiamine residues would primarily be via the eating of treated turf and of seed or insects that were in the turf when it was sprayed with the formulated material. Based on the estimated dietary intakes of prodiamine by birds (and small mammals) following the proposed application of Barricade Turf Herbicide at the maximum use rate of 1.92 kg prodiamine/ha and comparison of such values with the relevant subchronic dietary LC50 or NOECs, risk to birds (and small mammals) through eating of prodiamine contaminated feed has been shown to be acceptable.

And yes,NOFA standards forbid chemicals but I am saying that pyrethruims,although natural are harmful to people,pets,and plants yet because they are natural find acceptance. They are used down where I am in misting systems which are sprayed 3 times a day. I hear complaints of rashes and respiratory reactions,plant damage due to burning and they will do harm to beneficial insects like bees and butterflies that come in contact with the spray.

But I think it will come down to a number of people only want to use organic/natural means and deal with it short comings and enlighten people to their superiority which I respect. I think that is what this forum is about and it has a number of pioneers who have made a way when their was no way or rather rediscovered.
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