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Originally Posted by replenish&subdue View Post
A number of postemerge products have some pre-emerge activity but they are not considered pre-emerges. The vast majority of all (the few who don't are confused) use Prodiamine,Pendulum and Drive(product name). Besides I am talking mainly about preventing grassy weeds like crabgrass and not broadleaves.
First, you never specified anything in your question ... you just stated pre-emergent. As with Chip, you have now slipped into talking about something else.

Second, Drive is listed as a post-emergence herbicide. Who is confused here?
Drive® XLR8 herbicide may be applied postemer-
gence to residential and nonresidential turfgrasses
And from Cornell, which notes the same. Go ahead a read the Cornell doc, you might find some interesting information regarding impacts.

Third, just because you and your buddies don't consider them a pre-emergent doesn't mean they aren't. If the active ingredient (ingredients) can exert pre-emergent control, and they are listed as doing as much, then it is a pre-emergent.

Originally Posted by replenish&subdue View Post
Therefore show me the studies where the most common pre-emerges that control grassy weeds harm people,pets or the environment.If it is out there you would be the one who can find it. I know you are well respected on this forum and by me but I am saying the organic/natural world might be a little more open to at least pre-emerges that control crabgrass because that is one area the org. have no solution. I have seen organic companies come and go in the south because they can not beat the crabgrass. Well,what's the harm in including the prodiamine if it causes no harm.
After all even NOFA allows pyrethrum which comes from the chrysanthemum and thus is natural but so is snake venom. Pyrethrum is harmful to people and should not be on any organic/natural program but yet it is justified because I guess they needed Something.
As I have said before, you can make the argument that water is harmful to the environment, humans, etc.... If you won't do the research necessary to see where and how the use of these synthetic products can impact the environment, etc.... then I am done here.
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