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No way ,don't go away just yet. Right Drive is a post but I don't use it much except to control crabgrass in fescue when it is already up ,so yes it is a postemerge. [I] meant to say Dimension so my mistake but still correct. Where you can learn is that ALL the chemical heads (Tru-green,Scotts,little chem.heads...)wouldn't touch the products you listed to prevent crabgrass but use Prodiamine or Pendulum. And as Barry provided Prodiamine is safe at home plate. Therefore just learn,consider and go on a more informed person sticking to your organics(we all cheer you on) but know that no organic head can say the above mentioned pre-emerges are as terribly bad as we would label them to be.As much as I want to use all organic/natural, to keep my business and to feed my three children I use the evil pre-emerge that harms no one and hope one day a better way be found just because I like to see nature work out the problems without our interference. Really I hate chemicals and ever since being enlightened to feed the soil and not the plant,I am convinced we messed things up and am all for going back to the Beginning. As I previously said,in my yard I will be going on to my fourth year without chemicals or synthetics (fertilizers or weed control on my bermuda,zoysia and fescue yard. I control crabgrass with corn glutton and my wife's 92 yr.old grandmother. Look again into the facts of what is considered a true,effective pre-emerge used by those who are in the business of preventing crabgrass and what post emerge just has some minute pre emerge control. And again what significant harm has Prodiamine to the environment,people and pets.
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