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Phasthound sells cavalcade with his weed and feed mixes.
Chip is the head of Marblestone Ma Parks and Rec dept.
You want to know how Marblehead MA maintains piper stadium,
with almost 2 million dollars of synthetic turf.

Take away bridge or transitional and you are left with weeds.
EPA registered products that damage the environment when label directions are followed, highly doubtful.
People using EPA registered products wrong and polluting? this is possible.
People using Gasoline to fill their gas tank and Polluting, this is also possible
People using FIESTA herbicide OFF LABEL (because FIESTA does not work at recommended label rates) This is happening right now. Is Fiesta safe when used off label, of couse not.
Are Fatty Acids lethal to frogs, yes they are. NOFA approved frog killer.
Look at the ingredients in Avenger Weed Killer, causes cancer in rats but NOFA approved.
Have you ever applied Acetic Acid (vinegar) and accidently sprayed a grasshopper or frog runs through the application before suggested reentry intervals? Try it, they start to burn alive.
This doesnt happen with ROUNDUP (glyphosate)

No products are safe, not even table salt.

Should we just hide under the couch now?

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